2017 Never Looked So TwiSteD Eco!

Want to kick off 2017 with a lot of distinct. chic. timeless. and eco friendly style?

Twisted Girls Subscription Box is full of all that and MORE:

$100+ worth of handcrafted, limited (and often exclusive!) jewelry + a perk for only $39/month.

And: there’s NO obligation.

If you decide that this month’s box contents aren’t for you and

you choose to not gift them

(BUT seriously why wouldn’t you for that price?)

just email: Socialmedia@Twisted-Silver.com and

request a pre-paid stamp.

Super easy & no strings getting that $39 refund!

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So what are YOU waiting for?

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Sweet Summertime

Firecrackers, beach time, long car rides, a pile of books on the bedside table, passports, and lemonade.

Summer time.

Sandals, shorts, midis, bathing suits, flip flops, big brimmed hats, bare feet, and baseball caps.

Summer time.

Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings and hot deals. Accessorizing with minimal effort: Twisted Silver.


So here’s to the Summer of 2016, may it be memorable, jammed packed with goodness and most of all sweet.


Stand Out, Girl!

2016. A new year full of new resolutions. Maybe some are well known like your favorite play list, and you’ve had the same resolutions mulling over your mind for years. Here’s the thing: we love the idea that if you’re not growing, you’re fading. Change is good, and who doesn’t want to eat a few less cookies and run a little further? But let me tell you~ YOU (like your whole self you) are fabulous! Make the CHOICE this year to be SO good to yourself. Think about it like this: you are a brick house, anyone else remember that tune? Every good thought adds a brick. Every negative thought, takes away two bricks. Seriously. You have to work twice as hard to build yourself up from a trench. Do yourself a favor and think about how you view yourself. You are loved. You are special. You are a stand out.

And just to kick it off in a way that will help remind you this entire year that YOU, my dear, indeed are lovely: post a picture to Facebook or Instagram or Twitter wearing Twisted Silver and tag us in it. Use the hashtag #NewTwistedAttitude2016 and tell us at least one positive attribute about yourself. In return, we will send you the Stand Out Necklace for  f r e e. As in free like our exclusive gift to you, as a tangible corded reminder to be good to yourself. We know it’s hard to speak about yourself, let alone give yourself a compliment- we all know you aren’t bragging or anything. We just want you to put it out there and spread a little contagious confidence. We need to be more comfortable in our skin, and more importantly thankful for every single thing that our minds and bodies do for us everyday. So get to it, be a glorious stand out in every way, because we are totally on your team!

TwiSteD SiLveR, the Emmys, and Oh! That Notorious Red Carpet…

Thanks to Bergman Public Relations, Twisted Silver walked the red carpet and lavished handmade mixed metals on actors and actresses alike. Can we just say how much F U N we had as a team meeting, talking, and taking pictures with these legends and up and coming stars? Seriously though, when the Maserati is parked next to your gifting table at the suite, you totally feel like a TwiSteD rock star! The energy in the air was contagious, and we are so thankful for the 13th opportunity to participate in such charitable events as this one.  Wednesday’s Child of Los Angeles (the Dave Thomas Adoption Agency) was on site to bring awareness to finding forever families for foster children. Our true desire for all to be included in a forever family, couldn’t be matched with a more meaningful non-profit organization. The heart of the gifting suite pulsed with anticipation for these children- hope is such a beautiful gift, and the reality of placement into a home where they can be valued and loved is a dream they all dream. Don’t we all just want to be loved? Spreading love through whatever means you are able, is a gift. And on that note, we treasured the time we had with each and every single person. If jewelry brings us together and we can spread a message of hope and love through it, then that’s truly a winning combination!

TwiSteD Christmas in July SALE

‘Twas five months before Christmas, when all through Twisted Silver,

the girls were buzzing, ready to deliver.

The jewelry was hung in the stock room with care,

bubbling with excitement, the sale would soon be there.

The Twisted Girls were ready, the website to tread,

as visions of clarity danced in their heads.

And Debra was set, a free gift in hand,

to give to her customers all over the land.

The jewelry was in place all funky and spunky.

Mailmen be ready,

the packages are steady.

The St. George sun felt so fine,

giving lustre to this beautiful jewelry line.

When what appeared, 30% off

It must be heaven,

Especially with these seven!

Now Diva, now Double Take,

Now Power Cuff and Vibe,

on Capture, on Coastal and District, too!

To your jewelry box an eternity they will spend,

it’s an oh so never ending trend.

The jewelry twinkled in the July skyline,

Our hearts so happy and so, so fine.

Now everyone breathe, as the time has come,

here it is, with a roll from a drum.

The sale will launch, the stars have aligned,

The jewelry is ready to be assigned.

With attitudes as gorgeous as brass,

the Twisted Team would like to exclaim to the vast,

“Merry Twisted Christmas to all, and to all at last!”

The 30% off sale begins on 7/24 and ends at midnight on 7/28/2015.

#TravelingWithTwisted Summer 2015

Strap it on, pack it up, and let’s go! Where are you traveling- beyond the borders to visit the ancient aztec or mayan ruins or are you enjoying a well deserved staycation in your own backyard? Whether you’re driving Route 66 or taking in all the scenic coastal highways, we hope that this summer, clarity is your new found friend. A change of pace. A renewing attitude. A beam of opportunity.


Life’s great treasures are often found in the moments of our personally funky and everchanging roles. So add to those moments, and try something new- be home hosting seven other families for a backyard bbq complete with fireflies and s’mores. Say yes to creating your own creekwalk journey, complete with binoculars and a backpack latched full of goodies.Clarity B

Just explore your beautiful world. And hey, take Twisted Silver with you, it’s always effortless cool and adds the right balance to your modern life. Take a photo and tag @TwistedSilver in it, tell us where you’re #TravelingWithTwisted and you just may win a prize! This summer we want to see your shared moments, and catch a glimpse of how you define Debra’s designs. We’ll select 2

photos each montTwisted Silver Sandh in June, July, and August to feature and award you with a wonderfully TwiSteD prize! Capture the summer and harness in the joys of the single glimpses of your every day blessings.

It Is TwiSTeD: Debra Is Giving The Gifts!

Debra’s TwiSteD Birthday Event

And this year, it is all about Y-O-U

Debra wants to celebrate her birthday with a sale event starting today,
Wednesday, April 8th through Sunday, April 12th.There are so many pieces on sale at 50% off AND the entire event Collection is also available at an additional discount, PLUS a collection purchase includes Debra’s go to piece, the very luxurious Braid Necklace ($200 value) as her #TwiSteD birthday gift to you!
Want a peek at the 50% off sale?
How about if you grab a Tangerine, turn on the Lantern, get ready to GoGo, and let Infatuation take over?! You’ll Swoon off Kilter, and this event will certainly cause a Splash in your Foxy Twisted world. And that is just the beginning…
Someone will win the Braid Necklace every day during the sale- your purchase enters you into a daily drawing to win!
Exclusive Deb Bracelet gift with purchase while supplies last, one per customer.
So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate with us at www.twisted-silver.com today!

Twisted Silver Kicks Off LA Fashion Week With Designer Sue Wong

From awards season events to the coveted fashion catwalk, Twisted Silver was honored to be a part of LA Fashion Week with none other than the fabulously talented, Sue Wong. How amazing for Twisted Silver to be a part of the opening night featuring such a richly gifted couture designer. The pairing of Twisted Silver’s distinct. chic. timeless. handcrafted jewelry with the magical transformation of fashion inspired by Sue Wong, was the definition of Art Hearts Fashion.

The show was beautifully and artistically created and orchestrated, down to the stunning contrast of music and design. The soft lines of Sue Wong’s gowns came alive with the carefully selected hard edged music on the runway.

The collaboration of Twisted Silver founder & designer Debra Mitchell and the Mythos and Goddesses creator, Sue Wong, at the star studded Pre-Oscar Suite was born at Doris Bergman’s Annual Valentine Romance Oscar Style Lounge & Party at Fig & Olive.

Twisted Silver is available at https://www.twisted-silver.com

How TwiSteD are YoU?!

Well hello there GORGEOUS, so you say you were thinking that it may be time
to go ahead and “try out the jewelry.”
Well,  what better way to “try it out” than for us to send you a Twisted Girls box directly to your door each month? The Twisted Girls Club is a designer selected box of a $100 value of distinct, chic, timeless Twisted Silver jewelry for only $39 plus $6 shipping and handling.  Want designer jewelry?  What could be more effortless cool than that?!?! Seriously, like WHO could pass that up?
 Open your box every month and be pleasantly surprised with limited pieces, best sellers, pre-launched items, exclusive designer sets and much, much more!
We know you will love them all, but if not… you will have a cool gift to give your TWisTeD obsessed friends.  (hint hint)  But really, wouldn’t you rather spread a good bit of TWisTeD LoVe karma around? We know we would!  If you decide this is not the TWisTeD path you would like to walk that month, just put all the items back in your box with your pre-paid return label and send them back for a full refund.  Simple?  Oh Yeah!
Ladies, this is no spell brought on by a love potion, it’s the REAL deal! You can begin the Twisted Girls club at any point in the month, and you can cancel after any time- there’s no obligation to the club at all. But seriously though, $39 buys you $100 worth of goods!  You know you want to rope in this offer, and if you’ve seen our site: you know it’s chock full of mixed metals, earthy elements, and up-cycled goods.
 Read what others are saying about Twisted Girls, and it’s only been month one!:
“This is such a great idea, and I am so excited about it!”
“Their (Twisted Silver’s) stuff is amazing! Such character in every piece!”
“I have just discovered this amazing jewelry line! Signed up for the first #TwistedGirls Club and got my shipment yesterday- loving EVERY piece!”
“It’s my new favorite from Twisted Silver!”
“Obsessed with this service- I love all it all!”
 So, the only question left to ask is- what on earth do you have to lose?
                  Are you one of our Twisted Girls?!!?

Happy TwiSteD New Year!


How are you roping in the New Year?  Maybe you are changing your attitude, taking time to breathe in some clarity or even making more time to stroll along the sidewalk and smell the roses.  Whatever your intentions may be, Twisted Silver will be with you every step of the way!  We gals here at Twisted Silver are beyond excited for the New Year.  We have so much to offer this year: new items launched, more fabulous events, and of course we always take pride in showing customer service who’s the boss!

Is the suspense is killing you!  New items?!? Yes, and we are totally bubbling over with excitement, too!  Stay connected to all our Social Media streams to be in the know on the latest and greatest at Twisted Silver.

We want to take a moment and say THANK YOU! Thank you.. to YOU, our wonderful, supportive, amazing TwiSteD customers!  We are grateful for each and every one of you! This year will be such an #EffortlessCool one!

debs angels

Here’s to a Happy, TwiSteD New Year!