Stand Out, Girl!

2016. A new year full of new resolutions. Maybe some are well known like your favorite play list, and you’ve had the same resolutions mulling over your mind for years. Here’s the thing: we love the idea that if you’re not growing, you’re fading. Change is good, and who doesn’t want to eat a few less cookies and run a little further? But let me tell you~ YOU (like your whole self you) are fabulous! Make the CHOICE this year to be SO good to yourself. Think about it like this: you are a brick house, anyone else remember that tune? Every good thought adds a brick. Every negative thought, takes away two bricks. Seriously. You have to work twice as hard to build yourself up from a trench. Do yourself a favor and think about how you view yourself. You are loved. You are special. You are a stand out.

And just to kick it off in a way that will help remind you this entire year that YOU, my dear, indeed are lovely: post a picture to Facebook or Instagram or Twitter wearing Twisted Silver and tag us in it. Use the hashtag #NewTwistedAttitude2016 and tell us at least one positive attribute about yourself. In return, we will send you the Stand Out Necklace for  f r e e. As in free like our exclusive gift to you, as a tangible corded reminder to be good to yourself. We know it’s hard to speak about yourself, let alone give yourself a compliment- we all know you aren’t bragging or anything. We just want you to put it out there and spread a little contagious confidence. We need to be more comfortable in our skin, and more importantly thankful for every single thing that our minds and bodies do for us everyday. So get to it, be a glorious stand out in every way, because we are totally on your team!

Adam Kickbush

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