TwiSteD SiLveR, the Emmys, and Oh! That Notorious Red Carpet…

Thanks to Bergman Public Relations, Twisted Silver walked the red carpet and lavished handmade mixed metals on actors and actresses alike. Can we just say how much F U N we had as a team meeting, talking, and taking pictures with these legends and up and coming stars? Seriously though, when the Maserati is parked next to your gifting table at the suite, you totally feel like a TwiSteD rock star! The energy in the air was contagious, and we are so thankful for the 13th opportunity to participate in such charitable events as this one.  Wednesday’s Child of Los Angeles (the Dave Thomas Adoption Agency) was on site to bring awareness to finding forever families for foster children. Our true desire for all to be included in a forever family, couldn’t be matched with a more meaningful non-profit organization. The heart of the gifting suite pulsed with anticipation for these children- hope is such a beautiful gift, and the reality of placement into a home where they can be valued and loved is a dream they all dream. Don’t we all just want to be loved? Spreading love through whatever means you are able, is a gift. And on that note, we treasured the time we had with each and every single person. If jewelry brings us together and we can spread a message of hope and love through it, then that’s truly a winning combination!

Adam Kickbush

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